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Many home owners associations and rich areas freak out if you hang your laundry out to dry. Apparently, you may look *gasp!* poor if you do so.

Like it’s horrible to do something that EVERYONE did for thousands of years in the normal process of staying clean and healthy (Including the rich).

Now I don’t give a rat’s ass about what they think, and I do what works for me anyway. (Thank God there’s a few freedoms left in America.)

What bugs me is those same rich SNOBS are the ones who say we should all “save the environment,” but apparently line drying isn’t a “good enough” way to help make our “environmental footprint” smaller.

The hypocrosy is sickening.

They did that here too when the airlines decided to change their flight path over the RICH homes to save fuel.

OH! The upcry!

I love line drying. My clothes smell SO good after I line dry. Especially if there are flowers in bloom.  ummmmmm…..

The only thing that’s tough to deal with it the stiffness of the clothes. (Of course a windy day helps with that. *wink* If I can keep the clothes from falling in the dirt! Lots of clothespins help.)

People need to pull their heads out of their asses and look at reality a little more.

Too many people are living in their schools, offices, houses so much that they miss reality and try to make decisions without knowing how it REALLY effects the world.

If we all had to start from scratch with no clothes, no tools, in a wilderness, how many people would know enough about REALITY to survive let alone thrive.

Using natures resources comes naturally to those who really get it.


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