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So I have this new,¬†beautiful 75 gallon tank that I moved my super growing eel into. The guy is already about a foot long and very thick. And I thought “great! Now he/she will have plenty of space and I’ll raise ghost shrimp in my other tank so (s)he’s not so expensive to feed.

So five days ago I bought a heater that looked really great and said it was shatter proof even! HA No way. The thing just blew up in my tank, and there was glass everywhere.  Plus the electrical burn smell just reeked!

It was Hydor brand. And inside was a rusty spot so the thing had obviously been leaking in water. And when I went to their web site for the USA there wasn’t even a number to call. I sent an email, but who knows if they will actually answer. It said their customer service page for the USA wasn’t set up yet, so….

I’m mad. And if my beautiful eel dies or gets cut (I think I got all the glass, but it’s soooo hard to tell) I’m going to be madder yet!


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