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What is happening to our food supply?


This law will effect people keeping horses also — even if only for recreation.

 Monsanto could hold the whole world hostage if it controled the food supply, which it is trying to do. The have mutated seeds which will not propogate and are trying to get countries to only use/allow/sell those seeds. Australia told them hell no about 10 years ago, but now are allowing these Franken seeds.

This proposed law would play right into their hands and shut down family farms.

People need to buy and support Heirloom species of seeds and farm animals (did you know there are livestock species going extinct? But no one really talks about those).

Support your local small farmers. Use community supported agriculture (CSA for short). Grow gardens, keep chickens.

Use grey water and collect rain water. Push to keep those free and legal to do. In some states this is already illegal which is just insane!

Keep your food and water free and self -sustaining.¬†It’s insane that this is even an issue.

We are loosing our basic rights to feed and hydrate ourselves?!!!!???? Isn’t there something wrong with that picture?


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