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Many home owners associations and rich areas freak out if you hang your laundry out to dry. Apparently, you may look *gasp!* poor if you do so.

Like it’s horrible to do something that EVERYONE did for thousands of years in the normal process of staying clean and healthy (Including the rich).

Now I don’t give a rat’s ass about what they think, and I do what works for me anyway. (Thank God there’s a few freedoms left in America.)

What bugs me is those same rich SNOBS are the ones who say we should all “save the environment,” but apparently line drying isn’t a “good enough” way to help make our “environmental footprint” smaller.

The hypocrosy is sickening.

They did that here too when the airlines decided to change their flight path over the RICH homes to save fuel.

OH! The upcry!

I love line drying. My clothes smell SO good after I line dry. Especially if there are flowers in bloom.  ummmmmm…..

The only thing that’s tough to deal with it the stiffness of the clothes. (Of course a windy day helps with that. *wink* If I can keep the clothes from falling in the dirt! Lots of clothespins help.)

People need to pull their heads out of their asses and look at reality a little more.

Too many people are living in their schools, offices, houses so much that they miss reality and try to make decisions without knowing how it REALLY effects the world.

If we all had to start from scratch with no clothes, no tools, in a wilderness, how many people would know enough about REALITY to survive let alone thrive.

Using natures resources comes naturally to those who really get it.


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So I have this new, beautiful 75 gallon tank that I moved my super growing eel into. The guy is already about a foot long and very thick. And I thought “great! Now he/she will have plenty of space and I’ll raise ghost shrimp in my other tank so (s)he’s not so expensive to feed.

So five days ago I bought a heater that looked really great and said it was shatter proof even! HA No way. The thing just blew up in my tank, and there was glass everywhere.  Plus the electrical burn smell just reeked!

It was Hydor brand. And inside was a rusty spot so the thing had obviously been leaking in water. And when I went to their web site for the USA there wasn’t even a number to call. I sent an email, but who knows if they will actually answer. It said their customer service page for the USA wasn’t set up yet, so….

I’m mad. And if my beautiful eel dies or gets cut (I think I got all the glass, but it’s soooo hard to tell) I’m going to be madder yet!

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So what do you think about this?

I’ve been pissed for years about JUNK science that politicians use to push their agendas through.

Now, thanks to some one with computer knowledge we have proof.

Take special note of the link where you can actually read the letters and decide for yourself!


And if you don’t want to read through them all, there are accurate excerpts/summaries available here:


What follows are some comments from people who sounded intelligent enough. 😉  

Comments below:

This is not about a “slew of hacked emails rolling around the Internet,” nor is this a “fuss over the emails.” This is about obfuscation, non-cooperation, emails that hint at a cover-up, emails that clearly demonstrate that an agenda had overcome all scientific rationale and collaboration as they also show that scientists trying to twist and change data and prevent other viewpoints from being published. This is a very sad day for objective science and truly calls into question the theory of global warming and certainly the theory that temperature changes are man-made.
Let’s look at the facts First, There has been concern about the data presented by the IPCC for years–and this is the organization that not only Europe but the United States relies on. As a result of this concern (as well as the admission that much of the original temperature data was “lost” in the l980’s), all the primary scientific research was requested by outsiders. Yet requests were refused, so additional demands were made of the IPCC & CRU under British Freedom of Information Act. The CRU still stonewalled–a criminal offense–and then someone hacked into their site and found these terribly destructive (to the CRU scientists) emails. Secondly, although the mainstream media, including apparently US News has refused to print these emails because they were hacked/stolen (which certainly never prevented the NY Times and others publishing military or state secrets that damage this country), the newspapers in Britain and Europe have. You can see them by visiting the Telegraph (London) website at Telegraph.co.uk and searching their site. They are hugely damaging.
Thirdly, in 2003 Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre exposed the fundamental flaw in the “hockey stick” which was the image that first created the fuel for the global warming campaign; the one Al Gore still uses. This created more concerns about the very credibility of the CRU’s work–and now the CRU (Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia) emails have exposed yet another crack–even more more incriminating–were email messages from climate change scientists asking for scientific data to be deleted so it could not be turned over! You would have thought US News would have found this somewhat interesting, but the writer of this article was obviously distracted or was not alert.
Fourth, still other emails show that “scientists” worked diligently to manipulate the data through “tortious computer programmes” (source: Telegraph) to lower past temperatures and to “adjust” more recent temperatures upwards “in order to convey the impression of accelerated warming.” And the problems go on. There are other emails that show the scientists’ desperation at their difficulty in getting the results to come out the way that they wish them to be. Respected scientists on both sides of the climate change debate are now calling for an investigation.
There must be an investigation–but will it happen?
Another commentor wrote:

Journalistic Integrity
I can’t believe it took US News a WEEK to come up with this drivel. Science, like journalism is now suspect and politically driven. The science of man made global warming is very unsettled, and at least climategate let us peer into the computer modeling and statistical analysis that these “Scientists” were using. As a master’s level economist, we have legitimate peer review and legitimate statistical modeling.
These guys make mistakes in disciplines that they do not understand (statistics, computer programming) and then refuse to have people within that discipline review their work. Tsk, tsk tsk. We certainly shouldn’t be coughing up trillions of dollars for “Work” that should at least be tested in an open an honest forum. These guys couldn’t pass a bachelor’s level statistic or programming 400 level class.




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My cousin sent me this link and my reply is below that.

“This man has guts and boy did he stand up for what he believed in!”

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I like how he did his research on Cancer patients. I’m not suprised really.

That’s what tends to happen when big entities start running things they don’t really care about, and when they are more worried about their pocket book than the people in the system.

I think a lot of democrats care about the people and don’t want to see needless suffering, they just forget that the government doesn’t care as much as they do and really won’t run it as well as private companies that do care.

Tanya works for a non-profit. I don’t know if you know that, but anyway she says that the government openly admits that the non-profits do a better job than the government does, so I think that pretty much says it right there!

Health care isn’t broken so much as the INSURANCE companies are broken! They are what’s screwing up our medical system. Those companies are what make it SO expensive to have health care. The insurance people carry to see doctors, and the insurance the doctors have to have.

My favorite example is the Lasik, and Cosmetic surgury industries! Insurance doesn’t cover those, and prices on those things have gone WAY down, and quality has gone up!

Dental is sort of a mixed bag, but if you look you can find good dentists who don’t rip you off every time you breath. 🙂

I actually was emailed information on one of our homeschool groups about a non profit that is providing health care to people without insurance for a flat fee…. This is so much a better set up than gov intervention in my mind! And a best friend of mine is working to create something similar right at this moment! 🙂 I really think this set up will make more of a difference than the plan proposed in Washington DC right now.

Here are the details:


MiniCare’s Mission and Objectives

MiniCare is a 501C3 designated as a public charity by the IRS. Its mission is
simple; provide low cost ($22) primary care to millions of Americans who cannot afford to see a doctor.

The majority of Americans rely on private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid for their health care needs. However, a gap exists between those that have coverage and an estimated 61 million that are either uninsured or underinsured.

While Medicare covers those on Social Security and Medicaid helps those well below the poverty level, there is nothing available for those millions falling within the gap. For many of them, seeing a doctor can be a severe economic burden and in some cases amounts to a choice of putting food on the table or seeing a doctor.

Another source of help comes from the various free clinics that exist throughout the country. These clinics generally provide health care services on a limited basis and most operate on a sliding scale with a mainly volunteer staff.

Unfortunately, due to the number of clinics available, they are unable to
totally fill the gap.

In addition, there has been a large influx of the so called drug store clinics,
one’s operated by major chains such as: Walmart, CVS Drugs, Walgreens along with others who generally provide a quick road to a prescription. Most treat limited ailments and offer no follow up visits. Instead they refer the patient to their primary care physician, most of whom do not have a primary care physician.

MiniCare is unlike any other health care provider. It does not require or accept any type of insurance. Instead, it offers one low fixed cost of $22 to anyone who walks in the door. Its clinics will treat both acute and chronic conditions falling within its scope of practice. MiniCare’s low cost operation is primarily due to its ability to reduce administrative cost through the use of patient self registration kiosks and full use of electronic records.

Many MiniCare patients are expected to qualify for the various free prescription drug programs currently available through the pharmaceutical industry, while others will be provided with generic prescriptions where applicable.

With the help of grants and donations, MiniCare expects be known as the “almost free” neighborhood clinic throughout the country.

Program Design and Implementation

MiniCare will provide comprehensive primary care at a low, fixed cost to the
uninsured and underinsured. Our clinics will be located in areas that are
easily accessible – near shopping centers and on bus lines.

MiniCare’s first clinic is located at 3838 Meadows Lane in Las Vegas and set to open shortly. MiniCare expects to open an additional six clinics within the
Clark County area followed by hundreds more across the nation.

Our current clinic includes:

· 9 examination rooms

· Reception area

· Consultation Room

· Patient registration area


MiniCare’s proposed service:

· To open medical clinics throughout Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las
Vegas in accessible, convenient areas to serve the uninsured and the

· Each clinic is estimated to see 105,000 patient visits per year.

· To maintain a staff of qualified health care professionals.

· To issue magnetic code membership cards that provide access to
members medical and treatment records at any MiniCare clinic.

· To raise additional funds through grants, donations as well as
corporate sponsorships.

· To maintain a network of labs and specialty physicians willing to
provide reduced cost to our member referrals.

· To endorse and encourage a “healthy lifestyle” for optimal health.

Patients will register and pay via a credit/debit card or check utilizing
MiniCare’s electronic kiosk. A receptionist will always be on duty to help
anyone who needs assistance. All records will be kept in full compliance with
all HIPPA regulations.

Examinations and assessments will be provided by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. Patient evaluations and satisfaction ratings will be used to assess our effectiveness and quality of care.

Every effort will be made to keep wait time to a minimum. MiniCare’s waiting
room will continuously run short health education videos discussing various
areas of health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Management believes that once MiniCare opens it first clinic and has an
operating history there will be tremendous interest in supporting its mission.
Support should come in the form of those using the clinic, small businesses,
corporations, foundations and Local, State and Federal Governments.

MiniCare can grow to nationwide scale much like any other business or
organization – one market at a time. Proven success of the 7 proposed MiniCare clinics in the Las Vegas area will be used as the model to bring the MiniCare concept to other cities and towns.

Small business owners who perhaps cannot afford health insurance for their
employees would be able to subscribe to MiniCare’s “Corporate Membership”.

The individual business would be charged an annual fee based on the number of employees along with a deposit allowing pre-designated employees and their families’ access to any MiniCare clinic based on the prepaid amount remaining.
Future plans call for the issuance of a “Gold Card Membership” allowing for
unlimited visits at a fixed monthly cost.

 MiniCare is a 501C3 Public Charity

(and all donations are tax deductible)

MiniCare needs your help and generosity. Please make your donation now or call:
(702) 220-8293
P.S. I already told my reps not to vote for the plan, but you know them. I figure they’ll do whatever the hell they please anyway.

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I feel like total crap after tonights dinner. I am having a REALLY bad reaction to something I ate. I was on top of the world. I ate something that my body didn’t like and now I feel poisoned. Sharp pains in my joints, extreme fatigue, brain fuzz, and swollen glands. Uggg. I’m miserable. I gotta figure out what the heck it was and never ingest it again. uuuuuugggggg. gotta lay down now.

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Life is great!

So I’m getting these lymph treatments and I look like 25 lbs lighter and have soooo much more energy that it’s awesome!!!! I’m loving it. And it’s all just cleaning out old stuck lymph. 🙂 Hehehe Maybe I’ll have some before and after pics to put up!  It’s amazing how having enough energy puts a whole new spin on life! 🙂

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This is a great heads up on new proposed legislature. It sounds great to me!


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