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The FDA Wants YOU! Help Improve Nutrition Labeling December 7th, 2009


Help the FDA Improve NUTRITION FACTS LABELS The FDA is reconsidering the Nutrition Facts Panel.

Almost 20 years after the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, and with soaring rates of obesity, one could argue that the goals of a healthier, slimmer America have not been achieved.

The Food and Drug Administration, charged with most foods’ nutrition labeling realizes this. So it has decided to experiment with changes, additions, and omissions in order to improve consumer understanding of what they are about to eat.

But before building the experiment, the FDA is soliciting comments from the public, and that includes us – you, me, and whoever cares about nutrition.

Unfortunately, the digital hallways of the federal government are not user friendly and it is not trivial to find the right webpage to comment. This means that in many cases, the only comments come from food manufacturers and trade groups. You can probably guess what their comments will look like.

So here’s some help from Fooducate. Not only did we dig up the single click that takes you straight to the comment page, we’ve also collated Seven Label Improvement Suggestions [see below] that you can suggest to the FDA.

The invitation to comment by the FDA can be downloaded [PDF] or viewed online at


You need to submit your comments by January 19, 2010.

For reference, the docket number is FDA-2009-N-0532 and you can submit your comment at


Seven Suggested Label Improvements, if you would like to use them: If you are contemplating what improvements the FDA should undertake, let us help with a few examples. Feel free to “copy paste” when you file your comment with the FDA.

1. Show REAL serving size. Have you ever noticed the ridiculously small serving sizes on packages – 3 Oreos? 15 potato chips? Or a single serve 20 fl oz bottle of cola written up as containing 2.5 servings? Manufacturers like to minimize the servings to toddler size portions so that the nutrition facts per serving won’t seem too bad (calories, sugar, etc…). This is misleading and needs to change to reflect how people really consume food and drink.

2. How much ADDED sugar? The nutrition label states the amount of total sugar in a serving, but it does not indicate whether the sugar is added to the food, occurs naturally, or both. Caloric-ly, there is no difference between added sugar and sugar found naturally in fruits and vegetables. But the benefit of fruits containing naturally occurring sugars is in the additional vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals they provide. Added sugars provide no health benefits. They are truly empty calories. People should choose products with as little added sugar as possible. Unfortunately, today consumers can only guess how much sugar has been added to a product.

3. Daily Values for Protein, Sugar. These numbers don’t appear on nutrition labels today and consumers can only guess if 5 grams of protein are a lot or a little. As most people consume plenty of protein daily, this will decrease the marketing hype around high protein bars and snacks. As for sugar, people don’t know what amount is an acceptable daily intake of total sugar, and of added sugar.

4. Zero should be zero. Did you know that if a product contains trans fat, but less than 0.5 grams per serving, it can legally be labeled as 0 gram of trans fat? This is ridiculous. Knowing this, manufacturers can “calibrate” serving sizes to be just under half a gram’s worth of trans-fat, thus earning the right to place the coveted zero number on the nutrition label. But when wolfing down a snack bag (real serving size much larger than labeled – see #1 above), you could be getting even 1.25 grams of trans-fat, all while thinking that the product contains none at all.

5. Caffeine content. Products that contain caffeine should clearly state the amount. People are often surprised to discover caffeine in soft drinks, cakes, and other snack items. Some energy drinks contain ridiculously high amounts. Physicians have asked the FDA to require caffeine labeling on energy drinks.

6. Allow rBGH-free labels. rBGH / rBST is a hormone injected into cows to increase their milk output. The hormone has been associated with various health risks for humans consuming the milk. People should know if their milk comes from cows treated with these hormones.

7. Label Booz. Alcoholic beverages should be labeled as well. At a bare minimum, provide serving size and calories.

*8. (My suggestion…) Require labeling of genetically modified food. This food has not been substantialy tested to ensure safety. And in fact the FDA made tryptophan illegal after deaths caused by a genetically modified batch imported from China. People should be able to choose if they are a guinei pig of these mutant foods or not. –Elena

Donna R. Shanklin REA – Health, Northern Alabama Cullman County Extension Office Cullman County Office Bldg G-1 402 Arnold St NE Cullman, AL 35055

Telephone 256-737-9386

Fax 256-737-9549

Cell 256-200-2997

Alabama Healthy Homes Project Coordinator http://www.healthyhomespartnership.net

Faith Hobby http://www.pahrumpmidwife.com (702) 327-3100


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Even better here is all there new videos. I guess they are excited about getting them out.

There are military women; fierce, sexy swords women, boxing babes (copyright), and archery too!

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How much better can it get?

I love this site! 🙂 Here is their first video.

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 “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstien

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I think it’s amazing that people honestly think that the president is the most important person in our country.

They act like this one person can “SAVE US ALL!” 

This is part of the deception that is occuring to the American people. We have the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Judges (not to mention the attorneys), the Secret Service, the FBI, the Police, State Governers, Mayors, local Judges, and sooo many other institutions and people who run this country.

They ALL make things better or make things worse. They either add to the corruption or they clean it up.

I suspect one of the reasons that people want to put it all on the President and pretend that it’s only going to take this one person to make it all better is that when the shit hits the fan they can use this person as a scape goat and pretend that it was all his/her doing.

When did the people of the United States lose the concept of responsibility?

Responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom.

When too many people want to give up their responsibilities and put it (and the blame) all on someone else’s shoulders, that someone else also gets to make all the decisions about you and your life.

Then we end up with socialism, communism, totalitarianism, etc.

Those goverments might actually be good and run by people who are honest and care. There have been plenty of kings, chiefs, and other tribal leaders who’ve done that, but on the other hand there are plenty who have not (examples would be Hitler, Stalin, China, just to mention a VERY few).

It can be a pretty risky thing to put your life in anothers hands. It can also save your life. It all depends on who’s hands you leave it in and if they are trustworthy.

I am strictly independent with no ties to one party or another. I like it that way. It keeps my perspective fresh and gives me a better view of who is worth trusting or not.

I’m at the begining of my “political career” and still have a lot to learn, but some things are glaringly obvious to me.

I know best how to run my life, so I don’t support anything that’s socialist. I know enough people who have come to the U.S. from socialist countries to hear first hand accounts about how that sucks.

I absolutely detest what the Republican and Democrat parties have become. They are destroying our country.

I think America needs to wake up and face that fact that our country has gone to pot because of us the people!

Too many people don’t want to face the fact that politics, laws, and regulatory bodies have a large impact on our lives, and if we want things to be different we have to participate. They think it’s just another chore. When actually it can be a pretty cool responsibility that can create fun friendships, a sense of accomplishment, and make the world a better place.

This all seems like common sense to me.

I think the trouble for a lot of people is that they don’t have the right resources and don’t know how to get information that is factual, so it all feels overwhelming. So they just let it slide.

And then there is the fact that people become incredibly histerical and jump all over each other. I’ve even seen fist fights about to start over party lines and politics.  It’s insane!

What happened to talking out our opinions? We don’t have to agree, but we don’t have to kill each other over it either.

Even if two people have VERY different views, if both those people are involved, then things will most likely come to a pretty good middle place that’s not to bad for either side.

The world has shrunk too much for us all to run to a “new world” either so we had better start dealing with it. The sooner the better! 🙂

It can only help us all to get involved instead of let “the few” be running the show.

Let’s all quit yelling at each other, step up to the plate (isn’t baseball fun after all?), and teach each other what we know. Then we can come to the truth of the matter, have a bigger picture, be better able to tell when politicains are lying, covering up info, or spreading propoganda too! Wouldn’t that be great?

I think so.

(C) E.D.

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Do you want to know how your congressman votes? 

Have you ever wondered if they were actually doing what they promised in their campaign?

I just found this very cool link off the Congress web site.


When you go there you will find the way to get email updates every time your states congressman votes on a bill, etc.

This is a cool tool to use to keep tabs on what they are doing and if they are working for us the people! 🙂

Go see what they are doing right now! See if they vote on the bailout of faulty corporations with YOUR tax dollars.


I don’t think it’s a good idea. It will only encourage more faulty business practices.

And the Government isn’t giving us people enough credit for being able to help ourselves and each other.

If you are against the bailout, here is a great sample letter to send your congressman! 🙂


(C). E.D.

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This is very interesting information I didn’t know until tonight. You can look at it for yourself, just follow the link…


You can actually look at who donated to each canidate here.

It is interesting and amazing to see who is donating to who.

(C) E.D.

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