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I just finished this fabulous book called Dragon Slippers. If you haven’t read it you might want to.  It turned into a small series of two books. I read them both in one night. I just couldn’t put them down!

Very fun with bright elements in it! It’s the story of a young girl who is unexpectedly given to a dragon and what happens after. It was the first fantasy series I’ve really enjoyed in a long time.  Too many of the newer series take themselves too seriously and get too dark for my taste these days, so this was very refreshing!

Enjoy, and when you read it drop in and let me know what you thought!

Click this link to get your own copy…


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Even better here is all there new videos. I guess they are excited about getting them out.

There are military women; fierce, sexy swords women, boxing babes (copyright), and archery too!

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How much better can it get?

I love this site! 🙂 Here is their first video.

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The boob job you would never expect. 🙂

Body issues...

Body issues...

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So some of our astronauts that are living in a space station are determined to vote…. 🙂

Check it out by following the link!


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I guess you’ll have to follow this link. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll laugh your ass off! 🙂


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This little video explains economics, inflation, and fiat money. Even a kid can understand this!

Either most of our government officials are stupid or they have an agenda. There’s no way around it.

This is too simple to understand for our officials not to see what’s happening.

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