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Here is a Theme park in China which isn’t politically correct and yet….


I say if the people working there are happy then what’s the issue? To me how the people who work there feel is the best indicator of whether or not it’s okay to have a place like this.  If they feel respected and enjoy their work then I don’t see it as a problem.


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What is happening to our food supply?


This law will effect people keeping horses also — even if only for recreation.

 Monsanto could hold the whole world hostage if it controled the food supply, which it is trying to do. The have mutated seeds which will not propogate and are trying to get countries to only use/allow/sell those seeds. Australia told them hell no about 10 years ago, but now are allowing these Franken seeds.

This proposed law would play right into their hands and shut down family farms.

People need to buy and support Heirloom species of seeds and farm animals (did you know there are livestock species going extinct? But no one really talks about those).

Support your local small farmers. Use community supported agriculture (CSA for short). Grow gardens, keep chickens.

Use grey water and collect rain water. Push to keep those free and legal to do. In some states this is already illegal which is just insane!

Keep your food and water free and self -sustaining. It’s insane that this is even an issue.

We are loosing our basic rights to feed and hydrate ourselves?!!!!???? Isn’t there something wrong with that picture?

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Chocolate Eyelash


So I was totally enjoying my raw organic chocolate bar and lo and behold there is an eyelash staring out at me from it. uuuuueeeeecchhhh. *Shudder*

Oh, well. Trash that bar!

I called the company and they are sending a new one out. Yay!

With all the nets the health departments require to cut down hairs in food, I don’t think there is much they could have done about that one!

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Is this man cheating on his wife?

You tell me…


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I just realized that the reason that people get all weird when it’s political season is that at some underlying level people believe that politics equals life or death.

They actually end up in a survival mode; get their adrenaline all pumped up and have all those weird bodily changes come up that happen when you are in a life or death situation.

Thinking becomes more “global” and gets fuzzy and can only grasp generalities. Maybe this is why they can’t calmly listen to another person’s opinion or read straight and actually see when I’ve quoted someone else (hopefully the big quotation marks I put in there will help with that.) .

Your body goes through some fascinating changes when you are running or fighting for your life. It’s an amazing process to study.

I have to admit there are certain times it’s happened to me.

It is an amazing person who can see through all the propoganda, the lies, the half-truths (also lies), and the general well-meaning mis-information that abounds and stay calm as well.  If only the majority were like that.

Perhaps all these people who desperatly want someone to make it all better for them and everyone else, just can’t function at that kind of higher level.

They are stuck in this basic level, feel like everyone else is too, and want “daddy” (big government) to come in and “make them stop fighting, make it all better”, etc.

And then there are all those who are the opposite. They feel like the whole world is out to get them and just want to be “left alone.”

Perhaps the best route is somewhere in between. Letting people take care of themselves, and also being willing to be there for others.  🙂 Wow. Novel idea, that.

So maybe, just maybe, people can grow past that whole life or death fear factor thing, and let politics be further from them than that. Maybe people then can start to communicate clearly and find facts, solutions, and answers.

And if it doesn’t happen, hey! We could always move somewhere that does work for us! 🙂

(C) E.D.

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So some of our astronauts that are living in a space station are determined to vote…. 🙂

Check it out by following the link!


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I can’t believe it. Don’t people actually read what I write?! Dude. The last blog was not my words and if you look right at the begining I say something about that.

Come on dudes. If you are going to read my blogs, read the whole thing.

The lady who wrote that blog was basicly on her DEATHBED! I’m not. She’s an old fart who lived through Hitler’s reign.

I’m just beginning my “political career.”

Get things straight will you. If you’re going to read something I put up, read the whole thing.

People don’t even realize I have an article up about a corrupt Republican?

They don’t read the articles that tell you I’m an INDEPENDENT?

Do people only just read one article and skip the rest?  Come on. You’ll never get the big picture that way. And it’s blatantly clear to me that you’ve got to get the big picture to be effective and happy in life.

So come on people, read at least 3 or more blogs, okay?


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